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TestRx MD is dedicated to helping you find the best version of yourself. We are here to help discover that new you through our featured services.

If you have a busy schedule and can't make it in to the office, no problem. We can do your appointment online! Our team can do a tele-health consultation to talk about your goals and discuss your therapy options.


Our Services

We offer a wide range of care with a primary focus in: TRT/HRT, Weight Management, Nootropics, Peptide Therapy, and ED Treatment

Hormone Therapy

We will customize a hormone treatment plan based on your individual needs. We will actively monitor your hormone levels and make changes as needed to regain the vitality of your youth.

Testosterone Therapy

We provide a personalized complete testosterone program based upon your goals. Whether you want to be more performance oriented, or just want to have energy and libido like you used to, we can get you there!

ED Treatment

We know this isn't the most fun topic to discuss. We have a variety of solutions for both male and female issues. Make an appointment today to see what your options are!

Weight Loss & Weight Control

Our Medical Weight Loss program provides an effective and simple plan to help you easily achieve your weight loss goals and maintain a healthy weight.


After the initial lab draw ($125), the following will be included in your monthly fee:
  • 😷 - Doctor Consults/Physical Exams
  • 🩸 - Quarterly Labs (more if needed)
  • 💊 - Cost of Medication (and any supplies needed to administer)
  • 📦 - Cost of expedited shipping to your door!

We don’t accept insurance for a couple of reasons:
  1. In our experience less than 10-15% of clients would have levels low enough for insurance to cover their therapy. If they do decide to cover the cost of your therapy, and subsequent lab results come back normal/high, you would be at risk of losing coverage of your therapy altogether.
  2. By not taking insurance we are able to treat the client as we see fit. We don’t have insurance companies dictating how we are able to practice medicine. We truly believe this brings a much higher level of care to the client. I encourage you to see what you think.

We do accept HSA/Flex spending cards. This is a feature that a lot of clients like to take advantage of. Keeps more money in your bank account.

  1. If you need labs drawn:
    1. After the lab draw is conducted, we schedule a follow-up appointment for a week out. This gives the lab plenty of time to post your results. Normally the results come back after 3-4 days, but we build in a cushion for any delays. If your labs get posted earlier, you’ll have access through our patient portal. You will receive an email with a link to your results.
    2. After the follow-up appointment any medication deemed necessary will be sent in to our mail-order compounding pharmacy. We use expedited (FedEx 2nd Day) shipping (no sig req.. if you would like to require a signature.. just ask).
    3. From start to finish you are looking at around 10 days until meds arrive at your door in a FedEx box.
  2. If you already have current labs (within the last 3 months):
    1. You get to essentially skip ahead to part b in the previous section.
    2. From start to finish, after your consult, you would be looking at around 3 days (1 day to process and 2-day shipping).

We charge $125 for initial bloodwork/labs (we can use labs that have been drawn in the last 3 months). Therapies vary in cost but start at $100/month (TRT specifically starts at $200/month). All subsequent lab draws/consults would be included in your monthly rate for whatever therapy you choose.

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